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June 2021


• Interior Repairs •Dryer Vents Cleaned
• Minor Chimney Repairs • Masonry Chimney Relining
• Crack Repairs • Masonry Water Repellent
• Firebox Rebuilds and Repairs • Furnace Cleaning
• Chimney Caps Installed • Fireplace Cleaning
• Damper Replacement space • Wood & Pellet Stove Cleaning

Interior Repairs

Missing mortar, cracks or holes inside the chimney can cause heated air to blow against wooden surfaces and can ignite a fire in the walls or attic. When interior damages are found on video or smoke tests we can repack the missing mortar between the flue tiles or reparge interior plaster and repair cracks and holes up inside the chimney. We’ve developed special tools and techniques to fix areas even in normally out of reach places. This avoids very expensive and unnecessary rebuilding.

Minor Chimney Repairs

Most fireplaces and chimneys have some minor damage or cracks that can “run” or cause further damage if not repaired. We are the experts to handle them. Our vans are stocked with many different types of materials to repair all kinds of damage.

Crack Repairs

Some cracks are repairable. Others call for major rebuilding, our trained technicians can tell which is which. We are the masonry repair specialists.

Firebox Rebuilds and Repairs

The firebox is the area where the wood is burned. The three firebox walls can deteriorate from rain water entering the chimney. You may notice cracks and loose mortar, especially on the back wall. It is important to repair or prevent this damage. (See Chimney Caps” below)

Chimney Caps Installed

A chimney cap is a spark arrester with a lid on top that keeps out the rain water. When rain water enters the chimney, it mixes with the soot which contains acid, this acid deteriorates the chimney interior and firebox areas causing cracks and loose or missing mortar. A chimney cap is the best spark arrester and also stops the rain water damage! We sell and install custom caps too!

Damper Replacement space

A damper is a door that you close when not using the fireplace. About 50% of the dampers we inspect are either missing or installed improperly causing them to be very leaky and in need of replacement. (Installing a new ENERGY SAVING damper can save you hundreds of dollars a year in lost energy from heating costs and even more money saved from air conditioning costs. Replacing an old damper with a new ENERGY SAVING damper pays for itself in one year!

Masonry Chimney Relining

Oliver Twist will restore and revitalize your chimney by putting UL listed Stainless Steel and insulation between your chimney flue and defects in your chimney wall. This will add to the safety of your home and family. And it will increase the resale value of your home. These chimney relining systems are warranted for as long as you own your home. So if you have an old chimney that may be unused, deteriorated or even unlined, play it safe and have it relined.

Masonry Water Repellent

Water is the biggest enemy of fireplaces. More damage is caused by water than by any other natural source (except earthquakes). The exterior water repellent we use is guaranteed to repel water for up to ten years. It is the only product that repels water and still allows the masonry to breathe. (Note: Do not use “Thompsons Water Seal: on a chimney. It seals the pores of the brick so that it can’t breathe, which traps the water inside causing even more damage. It only lasts about one year then flakes off.) We use Chimney Saver Water Repellant.

Furnace Cleaning

We clean residential and commercial furnaces using state-of-the-art HEPA vacuums. All of our HEPA state-of-the-art equipment meets or exceeds OSHA and EPA Standards. Call Max the Chimney Sweep!

Dryer Vents Cleaned

We clean dryer vents using a Patented Pro-Spin process that thoroughly removes all lint buildup. We blow out the System with compressed air – this decreases drying time and prevents lint fires! We also install dryer vents and ducting.


All exterior and interior repairs, repacks, reparging and flue repairs are guaranteed for ten years. Interior repairs, repacks, reparging and flue repairs are void if not protected by suitable rain cap and water sealed. (All guarantees are void against earthquakes.) The NFPA 211 recommends all chimneys, vents and flues be inspected annually.

All inspections include a complete visual inspection.

Max the Chimney Sweep prides itself in delivering the finest services and products available! We guarantee NO MESS and we guarantee all of our work